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katty perry — Most Effective Tips For Writing An Essay Outline

An essay outline is the basic structure of an essay, which depicts all the main points, which you are going to explain in your writing. The outline of the essay may not be necessary if you are writing a low-grade essay. But when you are thinking to make your essay worth of A + grade, then it's the most crucial point.

You have to organize the framework or structure of your essay before you get started. Because, when you are researching on the topic, you get tons of information, which you can not just keep in your mind. You need to pour the ideas onto the paper to maintain proper flow.

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Tips For Writing An Essay Outline

Here are some useful tips; you need to keep in mind before you get started.

• Begin The Outlining The Process

Most of the students know that outline contains all the main points of your essay, but still, they feel a bit challenging to make a decent start. First, you have to understand the topic, answer the question about the purpose of this essay, and identify the audience.

If you are writing an argumentative essay, it will help if you follow the arguments on the Google Scholar or Oxford Academic. State an arguable thesis. After collecting all the stuff, now you have to move forward to the structure of the outline.

• Choose The Structure Of Outline

There are many formats you can follow, including alphanumeric and decimal. The most common and highly used outline format is alphanumeric, but if you want to use the decimal format, you are highly welcomed. Each section of the outline must be precise and brief. If it's your university essay, then you can add sentences to make it understandable.

• Organizing The Outline

Now from various platforms, you have to gather and organize your information on one page. You have to make a start by writing the introduction of the outline. You can either add your thesis statement or any easy hook to make it look attractive.

Now you have to write a topic sentence for all the paragraphs, and add suitable evidence.Relate it to the thesis and all the discussions in your essay.

Winding up

No matter you are writing a school-grade essay or university level, the basic structure is the same, despite some minor changes. An outline of an essay is as essential as the introduction and conclusion. Crafting a perfect essay outline will let the reader understand the central idea of ​​your essay. And there are pretty chances that you get A + grade.

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